Jerk Off to Grow Beard & Treat Hair Loss? Doc Testosterone Coaches Vegan Gains

Jerk Off to Grow Beard & Treat Hair Loss? Doc Testosterone Coaches Vegan Gains

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There is anecdotal evidence of erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions (e.g. loss of libido, energy) with minoxidil & finasteride/dutasteride. Please consult your PCP before undergoing any treatment.

I will be releasing a book soon to shed light on the optimal lifestyle for regrowing and maintaining hair. Coming soon 🙂

Here I unravel the science of how Testosterone and other androgens relate to beard growth and male pattern baldness. Furthermore, does excess masturbation (fapping) lead to baldness and should you go on nofap to cure hair loss? I also speak about specific treatments such as minoxidil, finasteride, durasteride and other types of treatments such as surgery to cure baldness. Some questions which are answered: What does testosterone, 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone, the androgen receptor and 5 alpha reductase have to do with all this? I also speak about basic biology, including the biology of hair follicles (vellus and terminus). Why do you want to grow a beard and cure hair loss? I go deep in to the psychology and pain of the WHY and how society has programmed us to WANT things we may not need.

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Dr. Farhan Khawaja aka Doc Testosterone is a professionally trained neuroscientist (over 13 years of experience) with a PhD in Neuroscience. He is a health and fitness educator who has worked as Director with both Elliott Hulse at Strength Camp and RSDTyler at Real Social Dynamics. He has been featured on the following YouTube channels: Elliott Hulse's Strength Camp, RSDTyler, Brandon Carter, Frank Yang, Kinobody Gregory O'Gallagher (Greg O'Gallagher) and more… He specializes in developing state-of-the-art diet, lifestyle and fitness programs to naturally boost testosterone levels in men.