Nitric Oxide Supplement Truth

Nitric Oxide Supplement Truth

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Nitric Oxide Supplement Truth

Nitric oxide boosters have been some of the top selling bodybuilding supplements over the past decade, and are claimed to provide a variety of benefits such as increasing oxygen delivery to working muscles, increasing glucose uptake and providing better pumps during your training sessions.

But do nitric oxide supplements work, and are they worth it?

Most NO supplements are based off of the amino acid l-arginine, with l-arginine alpha ketoglutarate being the most commonly sold form. The simple fact is that there is no scientific data at all to this date that clearly shows l-arginine AKG to be an effective nitric oxide booster in the body. Even though you'll find plenty of nitric oxide reviews that rave about the positive effects of this compound, it's really not based on any objective research.

Secondly we come to nitric oxide itself. Scientists still don't even fully understand the effects of NO in the body and whether or not increased levels directly contribute to increases in muscle size or training performance. So whether or not l-arginine AKG is an effective nitric oxide supplement is one thing, but we still don't even know if raising NO in the body is useful in the first place.

When it all comes down to it, my suggestion is to save your money on nitric oxide pills and invest it in the basics where you know it will be worth your cash, such as protein supplements, creatine, EFA'S and multivitamins. Supplements are only going to be responsible for a very small fraction of your results anyway, and taking a chance on unproven products such as NO boosters really just isn't even worth it.