Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels?

Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels?

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Video Transcript

Q&A: "Foods That Boost Testosterone Levels?"

Hey what's up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here with another Muscle In Minutes Q&A where I give quick, to the point answers to your fitness questions.

So, today’s question is, what are the best foods out there to eat to naturally boost your testosterone levels. So my advice here is just to recognize the fact that optimizing your natural testosterone levels is really not going to be determined by whether you specifically eat oysters or nuts or avocado, but instead it’s going to be determined by your overall diet and your overall lifestyle as a whole.

You’ll find a lot of articles online that list things like “10 super-foods that boost your testosterone” or something along those lines, but really that just sort of misses the big picture.

The truth is that there really aren’t any “special” food items out there that are going to magically make a big measurable difference to your testosterone levels on their own, and instead I really would recommend that you just focus on the more basic, overall factors.

Make sure that you’re getting enough fat in your diet, this is a really important one, so somewhere between 20-30% of your total calories and definitely no lower than 15%. You want to make sure that you’re getting enough protein so somewhere around 1 gram per pound of body weight daily. That you’re getting a good restful sleep each night. That you’re training intensely in the gym on a consistent basis. That you’re managing stress levels effectively. And that you’re getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals, specifically vitamin D, zinc and magnesium which is a topic that I addressed in a previous video and I'll link in the description box below.

Eating certain food sources might help out simply because they might be higher in fat and protein content which might help to bring your daily totals into the proper range if they’re currently too low, but assuming that your overall macronutrient intake is properly structured at the outset, then going out of your way to consume a higher amount of red meat or egg yolks that's really not going to magically boost your testosterone levels into an above-normal range, and also keep in mind that if your testosterone levels are already within the normal range to begin with, then there’s not a lot you can do aside from actual anabolic steroid use to further raise those levels high enough in order to positively impact muscle growth or gym performance anyway.