L-Arginine - What kind of arginine should I take?

L-Arginine – What kind of arginine should I take?

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Liquid Arginine Supplement for the best absorbation Before you rush right out to your corner health food store for some main stream L-arginine supplements, consider this: even the Physician's Desk Reference, long hailed by physicians as the final reference on medicines and supplements, states that only about 20% of pills are typically absorbed.

So if you want to get 5,000 mg of L-Arginine daily, and choose to use 500 mg pills, realize it may take up to 50 pills to get enough L-arginine into your system.

Powders are better absorbed than pills, but only if you wait the 20 minutes necessary for the powder to fully dissolve. Most people just will not wait. That is why I recommend liquid L-arginine supplements, because the ingredients are already fully dissolved and will be absorbed best.