The Truth About Nitric Oxide - And How To Increase NO2 Without Supplements

The Truth About Nitric Oxide – And How To Increase NO2 Without Supplements

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Guys… It is now time for the science of the muscle pump – the science of blood flow & the science of nutrient delivery. Because it's not just about the supplements that have "NO2" on their labels, but how the body naturally produces it.

What is up, Thomas Delauer here to break down the science of, you guessed it, Nitric Oxide. I'm here to help you better understand how this naturally occurs in the body for you to get the most out of your workouts and out of your food.

Now, let's break things down:

0:28 – What is nitric oxide?

0:59 – Boosting nitric oxide is extraordinarily good at preventing cardiovascular disease.

1:15 – Nitric oxide production in our body is built by the immune system.

1:42 – Mental performance & nitric oxide

2:22 – How nitric oxide helps you when it comes to oxygen.

2:47 – Nitric oxide makes it so your cells require less oxygen.

4:00 – A Study by The University of Exeter…

5:23 – Nitrates from your food to make nitric oxide.

6:03 – How to get nitric oxide levels to increase not just with supplements, but foods & workouts:

6:13 – #1: Consume Beets or Vitamin C Before A Workout.

7:03 – #2: Don't Skip Your Cardio.

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