Erectile dysfunction drugs Philippines

Erectile dysfunction drugs Philippines – What is the best erectile dysfunction drug in Philippines?

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Erectile dysfunction is a condition wherein men are incapable of achieving and sustaining an erection sufficient for a satisfying sexual intercourse, despite being sexually stimulated. Studies say that almost all men suffer from a form of erectile dysfunction once or twice in their lives; however this only happens for a short period of time and only happens seldom.erectile dysfunction drugs philippines

If this becomes a regular problem and already causes men to worry, it may already be a symptom of erectile dysfunction. This condition may be considered as a direct problem or a symptom of a more chronic illness such as diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition which may either be caused by problems regarding the sexual behavior of men or biological factors. Some studies have stated that impotence could develop during the puberty age or when men start having sex.

Men who are very concerned about how they will be able to satisfy their partners sexually may build tension which leads to erection problems as well as those who are very stressed or are thinking too much about other things. Researchers say that the lack of concentration which is an effect of tension build up and stress also lead to erection problems.

Such cases wherein erectile dysfunction is acquired psychologically may be treated with the combination of medications such as Levitra, and Viagra, lifestyle modifications and psychological interventions or sexual behavior therapies.

Since impotence medications have side effects which not all men could tolerate, doctors recommend using natural supplements which acts almost the same as to traditional medications. For some cases, men are required to use external devices like vacuum pumps to help with the process of erection.

Surgeries may also be required to treat this condition, however, this is usually done to those who do not respond to any other treatments or have symptoms more severe than that of the other patients. Some surgeries for impotence are penile prosthesis and vascular reconstruction. Penile prosthesis is the least invasive procedure for impotence.

It is commonly done by inserting a balloon inside the penis which could be inflated and deflated. Vascular reconstruction is done the same way a heart bypass is done wherein another vein is connected to bypass any blocked penile artery to support blood flow towards the genital.