Erectile dysfunction drugs Thailand

Erectile dysfunction drugs Thailand – What is the best erectile dysfunction drug in Thailand?

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Sexual problems are known to be experienced by both men and women of any age; however it is more frequently seen in men. One common problem that men encounter concerns their ability to achieve erection, which, when it happens temporarily, is considered to be normal.erectile dysfunction drugs thailand

However, when the erectile dysfunction becomes recurrent, it may already be a sign of erectile dysfunction. There is no exact explanation as to why this problem occurs but doctors consider various factors to contribute to its development.

Many of the cases of erectile dysfunction are believed to be caused by problems in the blood vessels, specifically the development of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Atherosclerosis pertains to the condition wherein plaques buildup in the walls of the arteries overtime.

When these plaques become thicker and harder, they become obstructions in the blood circulation leading to several organs of the body not getting enough blood and oxygen supple, this includes the male genitals. Since copious amounts of blood are needed for the penis to reach a tumescent state, developing atherosclerosis may become a hindrance for this process.

Another reason as to why men experience a form of erectile dysfunction is because of thrombosis or the formation of blood clots inside the blood vessels. Just like atherosclerosis, these blood clots also become an occlusion in blood circulation.

These blood clots may be due to several reasons including the breakage of soft plaques, venous leakage, and tears in the blood vessel walls. These occlusions are commonly seen in the heart area, however, there are small blood clots that travel together with blood and may end up in the genital area which then causes erection problems.

For this condition to be treated, doctors should first be able to identify what have caused it. Most of the time, erectile dysfunction which have been acquired either psychologically or biologically is treated with medications known as PDE-5 inhibitors. These medications are often combined with lifestyle modifications or behavioral therapies.

Men who are suffering from or are prone to developing a form of erectile dysfunction should be cautious about whatever they are taking to treat or prevent the condition. Consulting a medical professional would prevent such from happening. This will not only inhibit the progress of common sexual conditions but also prevent it from recurring.