Erectile dysfunction drugs Singapore

Erectile dysfunction drugs Singapore – What is the best erectile dysfunction drug in Singapore?

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Erectile dysfunction or ED pertains to a condition of men wherein they are unable to have and maintain an erection appropriate for a pleasing sexual intercourse. This is a common sexual problem that is said to affect two out of three men every year. Statistics show that erectile dysfunction in over 40 years of age or so is more common than the occurrence of the condition in men below the said age.erectile dysfunction drugs singapore

Studies have stated that as everybody ages, we incur different external and internal changes. These changes range from events such as the crimping of our skin to the deterioration of our systems. As our body degenerates it makes us more susceptible to various diseases and illnesses, this includes sexual problems like erectile dysfunction in men.

The exact etiology of why aging happens remains unknown, but some researchers say that it may be caused by the genetic alterations that happen as time passes. Some of the reasons why medical professionals say that erectile dysfunction is more prevalent is because as men grow older, their libido may not be as high as to when they were young and they may need more body contacts and stimulation  to trigger sexual elation.

The intensity that every method of stimulation brings may have been enough to achieve an erection before, but as time passes, sexual desire decreases which makes men need more time to achieve a full erection, however, if they do get an erection, chances of them ejaculating before they even want to also increases.

Other changes that men may notice are decrease in the length of time that they are able to hold an erection, decrease in the firmness of an erection, and more rapid flaccidity of the penis after ejaculation. In addition, men who are over their forties incur anatomical alterations like hardening of perineal muscles, loss of sensitivity in the genital area because of nerve problems, and decrease semen count.

Some older men may also acquire diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. These conditions are said to have an effect to a man’s ability to have an erection since it affects the arteries where blood passes. When there are disruptions in these parts, then the penis will not be able to get enough blood supply thus causing erectile dysfunction.