Erectile dysfunction drugs in Ghana

Erectile dysfunction drugs in Ghana – What is the best erectile dysfunction drug in Ghana?

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The use of herbal or natural products as treatment is not a new information in the medical society. Many people often seek these kinds of products to cure certain conditions or just to maintain their health status. Even for sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, a natural medication is often sought because of its said efficacy and safety.erectile dysfunction drugs in ghana

There are several options for treating erectile dysfunction. There are medications like Cialis and Levitra, which works by increasing nitric oxide production, a component responsible for dilating the blood vessels to help blood enter, psychological interventions like sex and relaxation therapies, surgical procedure like penile implants and external devices like penile pumps and vacuum devices. All of these curative options have clinical studies to prove its efficacy; however some men still prefer natural products over medications and other treatments.

Most supplements that are considered to be natural medication consist of herbal extracts from plants such as ginseng, green tea, ginkgo, watermelons, cranberries, and tomatoes. The extract which comes from green tea called catechins, specifically epigallocatechin gallate, is potent antioxidant known to help rid the body from harmful substances and helps promote relaxation of the muscles.

Citrulline, an extract from watermelons, helps in the production and release of nitric oxide, and lycopene from tomatoes helps in the process of rehabilitating and restoring cell membranes thus reducing the occurrences of arterial damages.

Some supplements may use other herbal extracts as ingredients, however, their effects may be the same as to the major components. Very often, the functions of these extracts include promotion of blood circulation, prevention of deviant muscle contractions, promotion of arterial health and prevention of blood clustering. Some may also use extracts that help rid the body off bad cholesterol and other elements which may contribute to plaque buildup such as calcium and fats.

Doctors should primarily be consulted first before trying any medication to ensure that it will not alter the effects of medications that a person might be taking. Because of the variations of possible natural cures, choosing the best supplement for every individual could be hard.

Herbal practitioners say that the best natural cures should always take into consideration a consumer’s health and safety in general. Since erectile dysfunction has many possible contributory factors, they say that a successful treatment should start with the elimination of unhealthy practices such as smoking and drinking. A person’s diet should also be observed cautiously.