ED drugs for pulmonary hypertension

ED drugs for pulmonary hypertension – What are the best ED drugs for pulmonary hypertension with least side effects?

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Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a condition wherein men have to struggle or completely cannot attain and sustain an erection. Studies say that most all men experience a form of erectile problem temporarily some time in their lives but there are those who experience it recurrently. This condition is considered to be vague since there is no exact answer as to why it occurs however it is said to either be caused by psychological or physiological factors.ED drugs for pulmonary hypertension

Every patient who has been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction is usually given different treatment options. Several factors are considered before patients are given options for the condition’s cure.  Some of these factors include age, lifestyle, treatment needs and wants, medical history and the severity of the condition of the patient. Both psychologically and physiologically acquired erectile dysfunction are treatable with medications combined with either lifestyle changes or behavioral and sexual therapies.

PDE-5 medications are commonly used for treating impotence. At first, this medication was made to treat pulmonary problems; however, researchers have found it to be beneficial for treating the sexual problem, therefore acknowledging it as a patent impotence drug. These drugs works by inhibiting the function of phosphodiesterase type 5 which is a specific enzyme found only in the penile area.

The enzyme is believed to destroy cGMP which is a molecule needed for erection. It also increases the production as well as the release of nitric oxide for better circulation as this component dilates the blood vessels and relaxes the smooth muscles allowing more blood to flow towards the penis.

Despite the fact that several studies prove the efficacy of this medication, several side effects still are of a big concern. Some of sildenafil’s side effects may include common conditions such as headaches, nausea, and flushing.

There are cases wherein patients who took the medication experienced temporary visual problems, chest pains and abdominal spasms. Others have also experienced events of seizures, fainting, sudden myocardial infarction and stroke; however, these adverse effects happen rarely.