2 Best Nitric Oxide Boosters - No Arginine?

2 Best Nitric Oxide Boosters – No Arginine?

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Tim Muriello, Fitness and Supplement Expert for I'llPumpYouUp.com, discusses what the best nitric oxide boosters on the market are and teaches you what they are. Guess what? Arginine isn't one of them. Find out why!

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Nitric Oxide Supplements: Do They Work?

Nitric Oxide Supplements: Do They Work?

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Do Nitric Oxide Supplements actually work as claimed? You might be surprised!


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Today we’re going to talk about nitric oxide supplements. These supplements are incredibly popular and sell by the truck loads.

Some of the things we’re going to discuss…

What are nitric oxide supplements?
How Do They Work?
Why Should We Care?
What do the advertisers claim that they do, and do they actually do it?
Should you take one?

Alright, so what are nitric oxide supplements?

Any supplement that contains either arginine, agmatine or citrulline is technically a nitric oxide supplement since all affect the production of nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide is gas that plays all sorts of roles in the body, but the one we’re most interested in is vasodilation – Vasodilation simply means it makes your blood vessels expand – that’s what leads to the muscle pump these products are so famous for.

Just an aside: nitric oxide supplements can also used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but I will talk about that in different video.

Now most of the time when people refer to nitric oxide supplements they’re referring to pre-workout supplements because these products often contain a hearty dose of one or more of the 3 main ingredients we’re going to discuss.

Pre-workout supplements if you’re not familiar with them, are designed to be taken prior to a workout and contain a number of ingredients designed to boost the efficiency of it.

In general, nitric oxide supplements only make up a portion of these product’s formulas, but that’s the portion we’re going to talk
about today.

How Do They Work?

Let’s discuss the three primary NO supplements.


The most common nitric oxide suppplement, Arginine is an amino acid which converted into nitric oxide by an enzyme – a family of enzymes actually – called nitric oxide synthases.

Simple, right?

You consume arginine in your preworkout supplement, the nitric oxide synthase guys come along and break it down, and you’ve got nitric oxide and an awesome pump.


Citrulline is an amino acid that our bodies regularly convert into arginine in something called the urea cycle. You don’t really need to worry about the urea cycle and how it works. All you need to know is that citrulline is easily converted into arginine in the body.
Although arginine is the most common nitric oxide supplement, citrulline might actually be a better choice.


Because the more arginine you take and the more often you take it, the less effective it becomes at boosting nitric oxide.

This is due to the ramping up of yet another enzyme – called arginase – whose job also is to break down arginine.

Remember those nitric oxide synthase guys? The enzyme guys who break arginine down into nitric oxide?

They are not the only enzymes which act upon arginine.

And when this other enzyme arginase breaks down arginine, it means there`s less arginine available to be converted to NO.

The reason why citrulline may be a preferred alternative to arginine for boosting NO is that Citrulline actually inhibits the activity of arginase, and because it`s easily converted to arginine itself, it ultimately bypasses this enzyme problem and gives us more NO.

If this doesn`t make sense to you, don`t worry about it to much – all you really need to know is that citrulline may be superior to arginine as a nitric oxide supplement.


Agmatine is a relatively new addition to “pump” products and is not, as you may have heard, a nitric oxide precursor – it does not work in an identical manner to arginine – which I have seen argued. That’s simply not correct.

However, it seems to affect NO production in other ways. I’m going to talk more about agmatine in a separate video, simply because it’s so new and there’s really no published data on it from sports performance perspective.

Based on tesimonials and anecdotal feedback, it does seem to work.

Why Should You Care About NO?

The reason why we anyone who lifts weights interested in nitric oxide is because it enhances blood flow.

Better blood flow delivers additional nutrients to muscles, lessens inflammation, and leads to that pump – the feeling of your muscles being absolutely engorged with blood – that awesome feeling knowing as the pump.

Video YouTube:

L-Arginine Risks | Arginine Nitric Oxide Supplement | Ariginine Infusion

L-Arginine Risks | Arginine Nitric Oxide Supplement | Ariginine Infusion

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What are the risks of using an l-arginine supplement? This interview discusses the risks and benefits associated with taking l-arginine and nitric oxide supplements.

Pre-Workout Ingredient Showdown (WHICH WORKS BEST?)

Pre-Workout Ingredient Showdown (WHICH WORKS BEST?)

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Pre-workout supplements are among the top three most used supplements by those that work out and take their training seriously. In this video, I’m going to show you the best pre-workout ingredients and which you should be looking for if you are going to look to benefit from a supplement prior to training.

This battle pits L-Arginine vs. Citrulline Malate as to which is the better pre workout supplement ingredient. Both of these are chosen for their ability to provide muscle pumps during training, with the Citrulline Malate giving you the additional benefit of improved muscular endurance and power. When it comes to the pump however, it is important to first understand that this is not a totally benign effect meant to feed your ego while you train.

The muscle pump has the effect of delivering more blood and water to the working muscles, allowing them to train harder by helping to keep them hydrated while removing muscle waste product more efficiently. That said, the way these ingredients work is through their effect on nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide has a vasodilation effect on your arterial walls that are feeding your skeletal muscles. When the nitric oxide relaxes the arteries you get increased flow of blood to the working muscles and the pump is increased.

That said, arginine has a significant problem when it comes to effectively leading to the production of nitric oxide and that is that when taken orally it becomes subject to much more breakdown than citrulline malate. L-Arginine is not efficiently converted to nitric oxide because it becomes susceptible to the arginase enzyme in the digestive tract and liver. This leaves you with far less assimilation of the original arginine that you thought you were taking. This can happen at up to a 70-99% percent loss depending on other health factors like cholesterol levels.

On the other hand, citrulline bypasses the gut and liver and converts much more readily to arginine. From here it can be converted to nitric oxide at a much more efficient clip. In fact, many studies suggest that you can get up to a 300% higher net absorption of nitric oxide via this pathway than the previous.

Additionally, the citrulline in it’s citrulline malate form is even more beneficial because it provides additional energy for better muscle endurance. The malic acid bound to the L-Citrulline feeds the Krebs Cycle which lets you produce more cellular ATP (the metabolic currency of energy).

For a pre-workout backed by sports science with no proprietary blends, be sure to use what the pros use and head to to get the ATHLEAN-Rx supplements. Our pre-workout, post-workout, muscle recovery stack is the one counted on by serious lifters to maximize the gains they see from their hard training.

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