How Does Nitric Oxide work: RevLabs University (MuscleRev Xtreme)

How Does Nitric Oxide work: RevLabs University (MuscleRev Xtreme)

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Does Nitric Oxide Work?
Nitric Oxide is a gas molecule naturally produced in the body. In the circulatory system, nitric oxide triggers the smooth muscles that surround blood vessels to relax. This causes blood channels to dilate. This is called, vasodilation. Vasodilation promotes nutrient flow to muscles, waste removal from working muscles, and of course, the much coveted "pump." The molecule nitric oxide is also involved in supporting muscle tissue repair and growth. MuscleRev Xtreme, from Revolution Laboratories, is an all-natural way to promote amplified nitric oxide production. MuscleRev Xtreme leverages revolutionary beet root nitrate, a type of nitric oxide super molecule, that bypasses the typical, and overdone, L-arginine pathway. Discover the best kept secret of world class champions like Dan Henderson, MMA legend.