How to Make a Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

How To Make A Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

How To Make A Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

The New Erectile Dysfunction Formula!

How To Make A Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

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How To Make A Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

How To Make A Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

How To Make A Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

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How To Make A Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

Need a boost? Herbalist shows you his formula for building testosterone levels

How to Make a Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

Need a boost? Herbalist shows you his formula for building testosterone levels

43 thoughts on “How to Make a Testosterone Formulary (T-Up)

  1. if you want minerals juice—you will not get them from grains not today
    they are bastardized with bad genetics and the phytates in alot of them
    will impede any uptake and Grass fed animals -eggs have minerals in
    them–take look and see the mineral count in these foods you mabe surprised
    they absorb better due to the protein in them acting as a better delivery
    system then any other thing you are going to eat other then a direct
    extract—grain is just garbage today

    1. +TREX LEX
      we are no longer living in the days of integrity—and in fact they have
      weaponized foods to strip –deplete–or not break down but actually grow
      inside of you
      and this is a hard reality for some to come by til they break down and see
      that nothing conventionally works or the alternatives work nominally
      feel free to read my web page and down load anything off of there you like
      and when you make any of these remedies –make them better and share the

    2. and then they have added nano to incorporate with the genetics really
      sinister—when you can look at nanotocicology and then look up 1600
      products that are nano
      will be shocked at what is being sold in the health food industry as well
      as the pharamceuticals—read your labels and understand what your reading
      it is required today to ask questions

    3. +Dave Baker
      where are you loacated—no it doesn’t take week it can depending on whch
      method you use
      you can explore the venue you suggested to see if it in fact will
      work—nothing ventured nothing learned eh

  2. to blast and cruise-BS really I guess you and I are in 2 different time

    read this and then tell me about your outdated science—we are not living
    in those days–science is wonderful —but a reality check is more
    effective —and you need a reality check on what is going on in the food
    supply —

    1. goats milk is leaner not fatter
      jersey milk is far far far more with the fat no comparison

    2. +HerbsPlusBeadWorks oh thanks

      I.prefer fatty foods they seem to be more healthy and my doctor said there
      ain’t no better medication then natural fats

    1. +HerbsPlusBeadWorks You should send this to Sophia Smallstorm, she is a
      biologist I think.. But wow Tony no wonder youve’ been gone a while ..
      scary ! I will study this further, but I am a lay person… I am going to
      send you an email please watch for it.

    2. maybe because the answere is already on here and all you have to do is
      scroll down
      I don’t usually answer the same question repeatedly if it has already been
      dealt with


    3. +HerbsPlusBeadWorks What’s is the average dose of this formulory? It
      appeared to be about an once or two in that shot glass you drank from.

  3. That is terrific rant about deliberate toxins in the standard diet,
    starting at 13:50. Everybody should hear that, especially the part about
    aluminum toxicity, and chemtrails. Thank you, great work!

  4. Here you go everyone thank me later hahah!

    Ingredients: Celery Seed-Yohimbe-Mustard Seed Deer Antler-Tongat
    Ali-E/Hawthorn Berry-Magnesium-Galangal/Muira Purma—Increases Testosterone
    naturally-Increases Nitric Oxide-Increases Blood Flow-Has immune Enhancing
    Properties-Antioxidant—Suggested Dose-Start out 10 drops use daily—and
    use 30 minutes before engaging in Intercourse Put in equal amounts in
    weight and add to either a slow cooker or do a blender extract–either
    extract them singularly or all at once –if doing a blender extract then 10
    minutes then strain—this recipe is designed to boost T increase blood
    flow and to sustain the heart as well

  5. so to make close to 100% proof alcohol you take rice wine, freeze it and
    vegetable-centrifuge it? the liquid which comes out of the centrifuge will
    be pure 90- 100% proof alcohol?

    but how much alcohol comes out of a 1 litre bottle of rice wine?

  6. Tony, you are not only very knowledgeable, but extremely gifted when it
    comes to the art of humor.
    I appreciate your upbeat attitude my friend!

  7. Tony, I have been using this formula, once a day, for the past 3 months. My
    ed problem has vanished. Some days in the morning, like old days, I get up
    with a hard on, and sometimes even during the day I have a bulge in my
    pants. This formula is definitely the best and once again thanks to you

  8. Tony I am clean and sober for 8 yrs and need an alcohol free formula. I
    looked in the comments and did not see anything.

  9. Thanks for video
    Could please give us the list of herbs you have used in that video.
    Thanks again for great video and info

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