How Does L Arginine Plus Compare to ProArgi 9 Plus

How Does L Arginine Plus Compare To ProArgi 9 Plus

How Does L Arginine Plus Compare To ProArgi 9 Plus

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How Does L Arginine Plus Compare To ProArgi 9 Plus

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How Does L Arginine Plus Compare To ProArgi 9 Plus

How Does L Arginine Plus Compare To ProArgi 9 Plus

How Does L Arginine Plus Compare To ProArgi 9 Plus

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How Does L Arginine Plus Compare To ProArgi 9 Plus

As the general public becomes aware of the benefits of nitric oxide therapy for improved cardiovascular health, there is a growing number of supplement manufacturers producing an L-arginine product.

This video compares two of the leaders in this area: L-Arginine Plus and ProArgi-9+ from Synergy Worldwide.

If you have any questions about the content of this video, then please contact me either at or calling me directly at 1-800-966-3012.

How Does L Arginine Plus Compare to ProArgi 9 Plus

As the general public becomes aware of the benefits of nitric oxide therapy for improved cardiovascular health, there is a growing number of supplement manufacturers producing an L-arginine product.

This video compares two of the leaders in this area: L-Arginine Plus and ProArgi-9+ from Synergy Worldwide.

If you have any questions about the content of this video, then please contact me either at or calling me directly at 1-800-966-3012.

47 thoughts on “How Does L Arginine Plus Compare to ProArgi 9 Plus

  1. I have tried both products. I first tried ProArgi 9 Plus on the
    recommendation of a doctor. I seemed to feel a difference within three to
    four days. it is hard to quantify but I seemed to have more energy and
    just had an overall sense that I was “feeling” better. Always looking to
    save money if possible, after about a month on ProArgi 9 Plus I thought I’d
    try L Arginine Plus because it was cheaper…I had looked at the
    ingredients and they were close, I asked a couple of questions on the
    questions section for L Arginine Plus on Amazon and was told they are
    pretty much the same. SO….I purchased a can of L Arginine Plus to give
    it a try. In my PERSONAL experience, it was by no means the same. I did
    not feel the boost or the overall sens of “feeling” better. That short
    test was good enough for me. I purchase the Jumbo Jar + 1 of ProArgi 9
    Plus since it is the best price. I have already seen my blood pressure and
    cholesterol drop significantly. Can’t wait for my next visit to the doctor
    so I can see the additional progress I am making. I’ve tried a myriad of
    supplements in my life and this is the ONLY product on which I’ve noticed
    any difference. ProArgi 9 Plus works.

    1. +Daniel Hammer Hi Daniel, all I’m saying is that we both have a product (in
      your case ProAgri 9, and in mine L-Arginine Plus) that is capable of
      producing pretty much the desired results and that is getting NO (Nitric
      Oxide) in our bodies.

      Yes, I have an issue with the MLM model, but my issue is that you can get
      another product that can produce the same results at a better price; it’s
      all about “choice” which is the main concern here (at least for me). I have
      no argument with you. As for the pricing, again we could be debating this
      issue until the day the earth stops spinning,

      I will tell you this much Daniel your videos are very informative and I can
      at least say that !!!!! (I can give you that much respect !!!!)

      Please do continue to do what you do Daniel !!!!

    2. +Edgar L Simmons II Hi Edgar! I’m glad you find the information in the
      videos helpful. Here’s to your continued improvements to your
      cardiovascular system. Whether it be by ProArgi-9+ or L-arginine Plus we
      need to help others understand the importance of nourishing their
      endothelium with ingredients that will help it maximize nitric oxide
      production for improved cardiovascular health. Have a Blessed Day! Dan

    3. +Daniel Hammer Hey Daniel !!!! You have my support on this, something we
      all can agree on. The bottom line is our health here, not just
      cardiovascular, but down to the cellular level as well !!!!Kudos to you
      Daniel !!!!!

    4. +William Milligan best to buy the ProArgi 9+ my chiro gives it to me, I’ve
      known her for 25 yr and trust her. She does a lot of research on everything
      she uses in her practice.

    5. Bri G., you could become a distributor and buy it from yourself to save
      money. Contact me if interested.

  2. Hello Dan,
    Great review on ProArgi9+ and L-arginine plus products.
    This is a fair and level comparison.
    I was sold on the Pro-Argi9+ when it was listed in the PDR, since my wife
    is a R.N. and has used it since 1972 to look up drugs and interactions.
    Thanks, you save us a tremendous amount of time with your research.
    From a fellow ProArgi9+ user and net-worker.

    John A. Holdburg

    1. Hi John! Thank you for the comments. It’s nice to know that ProArgi-9+ is
      recognized by the medical community as “the best L-arginine supplement in
      the world.” Have a Blessed Day! Dan

  3. Are you a distributor for Synergy? Fact is: Synergy and ProArgi9 will
    have to charge close to double in order to pay the distributors. 

  4. Hi Daniel, Can you advise if the product ‘ARGI +’ from FOREVER LIVING
    PRODUCT is good for patient who already had a heart attack?

  5. Hey Dan. You probably dont remember but i purchased proargi 9 plus a few
    years ago with your help. Looking to get it again. Just wondering how does
    Fenix L-arginine complete compare to proargi 9 plus?

    1. Hi DjGoGo09! Yes I do remember and I hope you’re doing well. I looked up
      the Fenix L-Arginine complete and they make the same mistake in comparing
      products as L-arginine Plus. If you’re going to compare products than give
      a full comparison. They indicate that they have magnesium and chromium
      picolinate which ProArgi-9+ does not have. But ProArgi-9+ has d-ribose and
      pomegranate fruit concentrate which is not found in their product. They do
      use vitamin K2 which is a good sign. However, I can’t determine from their
      website the grade level for their L-arginine and L-citrulline. All I can
      tell is that they use a free form version which is good.

      So here’s the bottom line. The only L-arginine supplement listed in the
      2014 and now the 2015 Physicians’ Desk Reference as the “highest quality
      l-arginine supplement in the world” is ProArgi-9+. That is a 3rd party
      endorsement that has no financial interest in the product. Only what it
      can do to help people improve their cardiovascular health.

      I hope this helps. Have a Blessed Day and thanks for contacting me again.

    2. +Daniel Hammer Thanks for the help! I looked through the website and there
      are a lot of unfinished sections as well. Have you hear of L-Arginine X?

      Im probably going with proargi 9+ again because i was happy with the
      product but just wanted to see what others offer. I live in Canada, how do
      i purchase it?

    3. +DjGoGo09 Thanks for the comments back. There are a lot of other products
      out there trying to model themselves off of ProArgi-9 Plus. Since you are
      in Canada you will have to use the Canadian formulation since Health Canada
      will not allow the US formulation into your country. The formulas are
      exactly the same except in two area. The US formulation has 2500 IU of
      vitamin D3 where as the Canadian formulation has only 1000 IU. However,
      you actually have more L-arginine is your formulation. 6 grams of
      L-arginine where as the US formulation only has 5 grams per serving. So it
      is easy to offset the lack of vitamin D3 by just consuming a good chewable
      vitamin D3 supplement.

      To order the product you can call me anytime after 9 am during the week and
      I can 3-way you into Synergy Worldwide to set you up as a Preferred
      Customer. No cost to join and you get the same wholesale prices that I buy
      the product at. Or you can call the company directly at 1-801-769-7800.
      They open at 8 am MST and you will need my ID# 747349 to set up your
      account. If you have questions you can reach me at 1-800-966-3012. Have a
      Blessed Day! Dan

    4. +Daniel Hammer Hey Dan I was wondering what you know about Arginine Cardio?
      I did some more research and talked to a guy who recommended me Arginine
      Cardio over proargi9+ due to the better ratio of L-arginine and
      L-citrulline as well as other ingredients. Dr. Rainer Boger supposedly
      created it and hes the leading expert on L-arginine. What do you think?

  6. Mr. Hammer, it was great talking to you on the phone. I will contact the
    gentleman here in Korea. Thanks.

    1. +Daniel Hammer Thanks sir. I totally appreciate you replying to me;
      however, right after I messaged you, I made an order with I
      know the next time to contact you much sooner. You also have a Blessed Day

    2. +Michael R. Wright Hi Michael, sorry that I wasn’t able to process your
      order. Please keep me in mind for the next order. By the way how many
      canisters did you order from Amazon and what was your total price if you
      don’t mind sharing that information with me. Thanks and have a Blessed
      Day! Dan

    3. +Daniel Hammer I originally started with 4 canisters, but changed to 2
      2 Cans ProArgi 9 Plus New Flavor Mixed Berry
      Sold by: Pelican Health

    4. +Michael R. Wright Just let me know when your ready and I’ll match their
      price for you.

    5. Thanks Daniel, I will let you know. I just received 2 canisters on the 27th.

  7. I’ve used cardio cocktail and proagri 9 they both seem to work good but I
    can’t figure out which one is better if anybody got any information on I
    would like to know which one is better.

    1. +philmatoph Hi and thank you for the comment. Regarding which one is
      better I would suggest to you that ProArgi-9+ would be the better of the
      two. I say this because the 2014 and 2015 Physicians’ Desk Reference,
      which doctors use for guidelines on what to recommend to their patients,
      states “ProArgi-9+ is the highest quality L-arginine supplement in the
      world.” This is an independent source that provides an opinion about what
      they feel would be the best of all these types of supplements. Have a
      Blessed Day! Dan

  8. ProArgi-9+ was given to me by my chiro, she does a lot of research on
    everything she gives me. I know it’s good, I trust her she’s been a close
    friend of mine for 25yr.

  9. I have two concerns re both of these supplements.

    FIRST use of synthetic folic acid as opposed to natural folate. They are
    NOT the same, in fact we have some pretty complex steps required to break
    down folic acid so we can get some folate from it. Chris Kesser states
    While folic acid is often considered to be a supplemental form of folate,
    there is an important distinction between these two different compounds.
    For women past childbearing age, and for men in general, excessive doses of
    the synthetic form of this nutrient are not necessary, and may even be
    SECOND use of synthetic cyanocobalamin as opposed to natural
    methylcobalamin. the synthetic cyanocobalamin in its delivered state is
    totally unusable in our body until we convert it to methyl, which
    incidentally releases cyanide into our circulation. Methylcobalamin is
    better absorbed and retained in higher amounts in tissues than

    I have little patience with any company that saves a few cents per pill
    using either of these synthetic substances. I suggest you talk to your
    company and ask them to get their act together.

    Just had to rant, sorry for that.

    1. +Mark Curtis Hi Mark! Thank you for your comments. Can you point me to an
      L-arginine supplement that is completely natural and has the right blend of
      ingredients to optimize the endothelium’s ability to properly produce
      nitric oxide? Please send me any links for products so that I can review
      them. Thank you again for your comments. Have a Blessed Day! Dan

    2. +Daniel Hammer
      My point is if a company deliberately uses inferior ingredients in their
      formulations I want no part of them. Again if they use inferior ingredients
      not knowing there are superior alternatives, they may just be incompetent,
      and again I am not so sure I want anything to do with them. If they
      discover alternatives, do some research and make the necessary changes (or
      explain why they chose not to utilize the new ingredient), they may be
      worth looking in to. Good luck in your life path and be blessed.

    3. +Mark Curtis Hi Mark and thank you for your additional comments. I already
      understood your point. However, you didn’t understand mine. Again I’ll
      ask you to point me to a nitric oxide supplement has is 100% completely
      natural in all its ingredients. I’ll be happy to look at it. Now until I
      find one that meets your qualifications I’m going to use what I can find
      the comes the closest and provides significant benefits to my clients. To
      date the best product on the market has been ProArgi-9+. I always find it
      interesting that people who advocate eating the purest foods and
      ingredients in life also access electronics devices which have their own
      inherent dangers especially if you use a cell phone. Any magnetic field
      has an influence on gene expression. Have a Blessed Day! Dan

    1. +Bud E Hi Bud! Thank you for the comment and let me know how it goes on
      the product. If you want I’ve developed nitric oxide protocol for the
      following areas: African American Health, Cholesterol Concerns, Diabetes,
      ED, High Blood Pressure, and Women’s Heart Health. If you send me an email
      to letting me know what area of cardiovascular concern
      you’re trying to address, I’ll send back to you the URL link to the nitric
      oxide protocol that would best address that concern. Have a Blessed Day!

  10. does anyone know if proargi-9+ can help osteoporosis? I am just now
    recovering from surgery for fractures.

    1. +SLSURVEY50
      Specifically ProArgi-9+ is designed to nourish your endothelium to optimize
      nitric oxide production for improved blood flow. This would directly
      benefit you in improved circulation.

      Indirectly it could potentially help you in two ways.

      Improved blood flow will help to improve wound healing and your fractures
      could benefit from this.

      Also, ProArgi-9+ contains both Vitamin D3 and K2. This combination helps
      your body better absorb calcium and Vitamin K2 helps direct were calcium
      goes. If you Google vitamin K2 you will see plenty of research on how this
      helps keep calcium out of your vascular system and in your bones to help
      better address your osteoporosis.

      I hope this information is clear and helpful to you. If you have
      additional questions, then please either email me at or
      call me directly at 1-800-966-3012. Have a Blessed Evening! Dan

  11. would you compare this to truehope empowerplus Q96 or any comments on
    there’s versus urs, thanks

    1. +Paul Thomas
      I just did a quick check on the internet for this product. It looks like
      it is designed to improve brain chemistry and nervous system response.

      So they work differently.

      ProArgi-9+ is all about nitric oxide therapy to improve circulation, which
      then improves the deliver of oxygen, nutrients, while helping to remove
      waste products.

      In relationship to brain health this would improve cognitive function
      because of the improved blood flow.

      So our product is all about improving vascular health and blood flow.

      There product would have more to do the nervous system.

      I hope this helps. Have a Blessed Day! Dan


    1. +Steve Mulwitz Hi Steve and thank you for your comments. Yes I can always
      improve upon my marketing skills. If you really want to send me a check
      then email me directly at and I’ll provide you with the
      address and amount to send. Please make sure that when you email me you
      let me know the address that I would be shipping to. Postal rates are
      different if you are outside of the US or do not have a US zip code. You
      can also call me directly at 1-800-966-3012 if that would be easier. Have
      a Blessed Day! Dan

  13. I am from portugal. How can I have get this produto to me?
    Does have that in portugal ?..

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    1. Absolutely ProArgi-9+. It is the only “Clinically Proven” l-arginine
      supplement in the market and it has been listed in the Physicians’ Desk
      Reference for the last 3 years as “ProArgi-9+ is the highest quality
      L-arginine supplement in the world.” I hope this helps. Have a Blessed
      Day! Dan

  15. hi, “dr dan”! i’m your biggest fan!! ???? this is the most comprehensive
    report on product comparison i’ve ever seen ???????? …. consumer reports
    magazine is great, but i needed this specific info now, & you came to the
    rescue. i know that this will help with my health problems; thank-you for
    giving me hope ????

    1. Hi Peridot and thank you for being a “fan”. I’m glad you find the
      information I share helpful. While I firmly believe that ProArgi-9+ is the
      best of all the L-arginine product I still want to make sure that my
      comparisons are accurate. Have a Blessed Day! Dan

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