Doc Testosterone’s Public Apology to Vegan Gains

Doc Testosterone's Public Apology To Vegan Gains

Doc Testosterone's Public Apology To Vegan Gains

Doc Testosterone's Public Apology To Vegan Gains

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Doc Testosterone's Public Apology To Vegan Gains

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Doc Testosterone's Public Apology To Vegan Gains

Doc Testosterone's Public Apology To Vegan Gains

Doc Testosterone's Public Apology To Vegan Gains

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Doc Testosterone's Public Apology To Vegan Gains

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Doc Testosterone's Public Apology To Vegan Gains

I'm sorry Vegan Gains. I apologize brother.

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Dr. Farhan Khawaja aka Doc Testosterone is a professionally trained neuroscientist (over 13 years of experience) with a PhD in Neuroscience. He is a health and fitness educator who has worked as Director with both Elliott Hulse at Strength Camp and RSDTyler at Real Social Dynamics. He has been featured on the following YouTube channels: Elliott Hulse's Strength Camp, RSDTyler, Brandon Carter, Frank Yang and more… He specializes in developing state-of-the-art diet, lifestyle and fitness programs to naturally boost testosterone levels in men.

Doc Testosterone's Public Apology to Vegan Gains

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So, who am I?

My name is Dr. Farhan Khawaja and I am a professionally trained neuroscientist (over 14 years of experience in medical research and education) with a Ph.D and Master's Degree in Neuroscience. During my academic training, I published my Doctoral Thesis Research, including 6 Peer-Reviewed papers in high-impact medical journals, available here:

I am currently on a transformational journey. For this, I am working 24/7/365 to gain mastery of boosting testosterone naturally, eating the highest quality foods, performing the most optimum fitness training to maximize gains and fatloss & enhancing overall sexual health and well-being.

I am documenting every single aspect of this journey (mealprep, fitness training, sleep routines, morning rituals, affirmations/visualization techniques & various types of brain training (to overcome drug and porn addiction) to RECLAIM MY MASCULINITY. Through this process, for which I am very grateful, I have the opportunity to help men all over the world.

I have worked side-by-side as a Director with both Elliott Hulse at Strength Camp and RSD Tyler and every RSD instructor at Real Social Dynamics. I have also been featured on many Top YouTube channels, including Elliott Hulse, Strength Camp, RSDTyler, Brandon Carter, Frank Yang, Kinobody Gregory O'Gallagher, Simple Programmer, Engineered Truth and many more...

I now develop state-of-the-art Nutrition, Lifestyle and Fitness programs to naturally boost testosterone levels in men.

Thank you for your love and for granting me the honor and privilege to help you through my medical science training, experience and leadership. We are all on a path, as a unified and strong tribe, to become the MASTERS OF OUR MASCULINITY!

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55 thoughts on “Doc Testosterone’s Public Apology to Vegan Gains

  1. Haha, I like vegan gains. That dude lives in his own world.

    However, he can go overboard sometimes with how he generalizes things and

    As for what he preaches…His opinion.

    – Elder

    1. The fact that he lives in his own world makes it scarier. Everyone and
      their pet fish knows that he is a nutjob. We all know the “love of his
      life” (XD) is in a vat of acid somewhere in the deep woods.

  2. It’s hard to take you seriously when you’re just hurling around bullshit
    insults and acting really unprofessional, phd or not. A lot of the stuff
    you say is also pretty misleading. For example, you talk about breast milk.
    Do you really not know that an infant with a rapidly growing brain and body
    has a much higher need for fat than an adult? Saying “saturated fat is good
    because breast milk!” is pretty stupid. Only about a quarter of the
    calories are coming from saturated fat in order for a baby to double its
    birth weight in the first 6 months. A grown adult obviously has much
    different needs

    1. There’s no need to be politically correct all the time, insulting is fine
      to a degree, the majority of the audience is dumb, therefore to propagate
      the idea that vegan gains is conveying felacious information, sometimes
      blunt whole-hearted insults does the job, and the average person watching
      will hopefully be convinced that they shouldn’t listen to vegan gains with
      the notion he’s a “fucking moron”. And along with varying degrees of
      intelligence in the audience, he also caters to the mid intelligent using
      fairly strong evidence and credibility. The world doesn’t revolve around
      your logic, what doesnt persuades you ; may sometimes persuade others(this
      doesn’t mean the conveyed idea is wrong). And that’s fine, because he’s
      more than likely right.

    2. Hold up. We all HAVE to act seriously because of a degree? Because of
      status? Apparently people are quick to judge others.

  3. You are giving out dangerously wrong information which will harm people. I
    hope you have the humility to feel ashamed of yourself. Or maybe you’re
    genuinely stupid, in which case, I just feel bad for you.

    1. +Romania de azi You have not made a single coherent argument in over 200
      posts. That’s just sad.

    2. +Romania de azi Ooh, we’re moving on to insults about age? You are really
      dragging this into the gutter … but what can one expect when you don’t
      have any logical arguments for eating meat, dairy and eggs? Of course
      you’re going to whine like a petulant child instead.

    3. +Spoo Rin that 12 reference was just a suggestion that you are a simpleton
      and if the faith of humanity stood on your capacity to think for a lack of
      a better term we would have been pretty much annaly raped with baseballbat
      with rusted 9 inch nails, no lube….

    4. +Romania de azi Still waiting to hear reasons for your eating of cow boob
      juice and chicken periods. You are truly a first class moron for doing that.

  4. Ya, you are right. Cholesterol and Saturated fats are good for us. So is
    heart disease, diabetes, and strokes…those are all good for us
    too…right? Never trust a guy wearing nothing underneath a suit jacket.

    1. +Lee Penrose reminds me of this movie where a guy says “never trust a guy
      wearing a tunic” loool

    2. Doesn’t your liver make all the cholesterol you need so you don’t need no
      outside source?

    1. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be like Gains? I prefer to not
      have psychotic social anxiety and weeaboo syndrome, thank you.
      Ew, you have Nyan cat as your banner? You must be autistic.

  5. You make for a good con artist: authoritative and charismatic, arrogant and
    emotive… “con” as in confused.

    You ecologically unconscious barbarians are promoting the eating away of
    the biosphere.

    1. He thinks using big words combined with a soothing tone of voice and
      exaggerated hand gestures will fool people. it will fool stupid people, who
      don’t understand that a PhD and an MD aren’t even remotely the same thing,
      that his credentials have nothing to do with nutrition, that he is talking
      himself in circles and it’s apparent he’s done little to no relevant
      research and simply has a personal grudge against Richard. just the mention
      of masturbation in relation to testosterone levels MUST of course means he
      has unresolved issues about when his goldfish died in the 3rd grade and can
      now only climax to fetish porn involving stuffed animals, and secretly Doc
      Testosterone is the virgin, he’s just projecting all of his anger and hate.
      it’s fun to play a “Doc” in an area I know nothing of, but i think my
      diagnosis was actually relevant.

    1. +TheDemonRobertCreed If you are going to direct comments at me then do so.
      Don’t make comments addressing nobody.

    2. Ornish? really?
      Did you even listen to the root fallacy of the upside-down food pyramid?
      Jesus we are a stuck-on-stupid country.

    1. +Dubia Narube the only thing that i really hate is this “vegan healthy
      lifestlye” being vegan isnt going to turn you into ” a healthy man” its
      going to make you worse, not to mention when they try to make eggs and meat
      look bad i mean wtf, or milk..srsly milk and eggs are bad…WTF?

    2. lol yea, I say the exact same thing. I mean forreal, Milk has been used for
      thousands of years as a nutriment to various parts of the world. If not cow
      milk, then buffalo milk. Not to mention the idea of Veganism which
      originated in Hinduism still uses milk products in their religious life –
      they never abandoned the concept of using milk. Hell ask any ayurved
      specialist, they’ll tell you milk(when warm) is amazing for your body. It
      has nutrients, and bioactive compounds that cannot be found in plants and
      vegetables. Casein, Whey, all these forms of proteins are found in milk in
      abundance. Ghee another constituent of milk is also used as an MCT, which
      when fasting helps the body switch from Glucose/Glycogen burning into
      Lipolysis, which turns your body into using fatty acids for energy instead
      of carbohydrates.
      (Coconut oil does that too, but still ** ). Eggs have massive amounts of
      protein, and cholesterol. Eggs have the highest source of natural
      cholesterol. And your body needs these cholesterol in order to product
      hormones, and keep your brain health. As also cholesterol helps repair
      neuron damage. People always say, but if I eat too much cholesterol I will
      get heart damage. The truth is your body cholesterol only stays up for like
      2-4 hours after you eat the high cholesterol food. Your body either way
      naturally produces cholesterol as per its need, or as per genetic
      expression. But putting in this excess though eggs actually helps the body
      give an abundance of Cholesterol, which I can only understand to help
      hormone production as well as hundreds if not thousands of other
      productions in the body.

    3. Meat I am not so sure about. I stopped eating meat a while back, and I feel
      better about a lot of things in life. I used to be very angry, and hated a
      lot of things. Since I stopped my acne has gone down, and I am not as angry
      as I used to be.

    4. +Dubia Narube exactly, and everyone needs a diffrent diet, veganism is not
      for everyone just like meat is not for everyone , my moms grandfather never
      tasted a single veggie, they didnt have veggies in the desert back then,
      all of the food was seasonial, meaning that he ate whatever was ready to
      harvest back then, so he would eat some dates a one or two months a
      year(the only fruit he ever had) and guess what he ate the rest of the
      year? lamb milk lamb meat and bread, and he lived to be 107..before he died
      he was pretty fine and could walk just fine

  6. Eat whole coconuts not oil. Oils are oxidized and cause free radical
    damage. But whole coconuts contain they’re antioxidants :)

  7. So, the fact that animal cells are partly composed of cholesterol means
    that we need to consume it? Does that mean that all animals should be
    carnivores? You didn’t demonstrate a link between this information and your
    idea that people need to consume cholesterol.

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