Does Marijuana LOWER Testosterone?

Does Marijuana LOWER Testosterone?

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Does marijuana really lower testosterone? If so, how much does smoking marijuana lower testosterone? Is there any real world proof to back up the idea that smoking weed will lower your testosterone and hinder your muscle gains in the gym? Is there any link at all between marijuana and testosterone? That's what we're going to discuss in this video…

While I'm not a marijuana smoker myself, I'm often asked from my online followers about the implications of smoking weed and working out. Specifically "Does smoking marijuana reduce the body's testosterone production?"

Now I used to say "YES, marijuana lowers testosterone levels" because that's what I heard from some sources back in the day. But I never actually did any research to try and validate this information.

So last weekend I did some homework by searching google to try and find out once and for all if smoking weed would have any impact on a man's testosterone levels. Now this certainly wasn't a formal research project by any stretch of the imagination, it was just me looking stuff up on google.

But none the less I couldn't find a darn thing that could validate that smoking marijuana had any negative impacts on testosterone levels.

To summarize this is what I found…

Marijuana has been said to interfere with the production of testosterone and other hormones associated with reproduction, causing possible infertility among adult users and delayed sexual development among adolescents.

However, there is no evidence that marijuana lowers testosterone levels or that it impairs male reproductive functioning.

In epidemiological surveys of marijuana users, no problems with fertility have emerged as important. In laboratory studies, researchers have been unable to find any negative impacts on testosterone levels from casual use of marijuana.

However, one study that administered very high THC doses – up to 20 marijuana cigarettes per day for 30 days showed a slight decrease in sperm concentrations. But the test results remained within normal ranges and probably would not have affected actual fertility.

So to answer the question:
Does Marijuana Lower Testosterone Levels?
I don't think it does.

Does that mean I recommend that you smoke weed?
Heck NO!

I don't think it's safe or healthy to breathe any smoke into your lungs, regardless of the source. But for those of you who are going to smoke up and get high regardless, at least it won't lower your testosterone levels.

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