5 Breakfast Items that BOOST Testosterone

5 Breakfast Items That BOOST Testosterone

5 Breakfast Items That BOOST Testosterone

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5 Breakfast Items That BOOST Testosterone

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5 Breakfast Items That BOOST Testosterone

5 Breakfast Items That BOOST Testosterone

5 Breakfast Items That BOOST Testosterone

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5 Breakfast Items That BOOST Testosterone

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5 Breakfast Items that BOOST Testosterone

Naturally BOOST T Levels & Squash Rising Estrogen

EAT these items and naturally improve your man-making testosterone!

Skinny & Scrawny to BEASTLY in 8 Weeks

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47 thoughts on “5 Breakfast Items that BOOST Testosterone

  1. Coffee doesn’t have a direct positive effect on testosterone. It only
    increases testosterone because it makes you work harder in the gym. The
    increased cortisol from the caffeine could even have a slight negative

    1. +Chukonu5 I’m curious to see the research on the increased cortisol from
      caffeine negatively effecting T levels.

    2. +Chukonu5 Ah yes, I’ve read that. The only problem with that data is that
      the increase in cortisol was seen in the 800mg group… that’s a LOT of
      caffeine to begin with. That’s roughly 8 cups of coffee..

    3. +Optimax Performance Training yah u csn find a easy difest coffe itz only
      too increase energy

  2. long story short for the lean guys with low test. don’t be scared of a lil
    bit of fat, its better for you then harmful.

  3. 1. Eggs ( I can eat that )
    2. Beef ( I love it )
    3. Greek Yogurt ( dairy product? I’m lactose intolerant )
    4. Whole Milk ( lactose intolerant )
    5. Coffee ( Palpitations )

    Can you? suggest any other food or drink that helps boost T..thanks :)

    1. +Oliver Almero Look into ghee butter. All lactose is removed and contains a
      higher amount of medium chain triglycerides with helps with T. Also
      broccoli has been shown to increase T but you have to eat ALOT!

    2. I’ve heard that nuts boost testosterone!

      Soy boosts estrogen, while nuts boost T. xD I drink almond milk, rather
      than other milk alternatives, because of this.

  4. It is an overload of protein unless you are training for world Mister
    Universe championships .. Your liver will pay the price on dealing with so
    much overload over time and you will pay the ultimate price! YES you need
    protein BUT not all of that in one breakfast!

    1. if you do heavy work all day…eat r up big for breakfast is my
      experience…but then go light on 1 or 2 later meals…what do u think?

    1. Right but that’s sooo difficult to even find. Just minimize milk intake and
      stick to eggs 🙂 CC

  5. Greek yogurt is the best!!! Also try greek feta cheese!!!Anything from
    Greece is fantastic!!!!

    1. Go with Grass Fed GREEK yogurt. More protein, less sugar and less crap. And
      portion control is important too. CC

  6. This is all rubbish…I don’t eat not even one of these 5 (less than one
    egg a week in cooks and less than a litter a milk on a week also in cooks
    and cereals and max 50g of meat protein a day) and I do ultra heavy sport
    every day(30kg dumbell biceps series, 80-100kg chest press series and 200kg
    deadlifts), have over 5 times a week sex with an endurance over one hour
    each time and at my 35 yo I look like a 25-er that eat this kind of
    junk-food and processed animal-based food…
    I was thinking 10 years ago like u do for gaining more strength and
    testosterone and I dranked 1 litter of milk each day, over 200g of meat
    eating each day most fried, and at least 2 eggs a day + other greasy food
    and that in 2 years toked me to almost having an heart-attack at my 20-s
    and sex was almost inexistent because I didn’t had desire more than one
    time a MONTH, and my strength was less than half of what I’m having
    now(even though It increased very fast in a month or 2), and endurance
    almost 0(I couldn’t run more than 100m and now I can easy 300m and I smoke
    even more than then, 3-4 cigars a day more) and at my 20-21s I looked like
    a normal 30-er…!!!
    The egg tip is the most silly of all, cause u can’t get testosterone(male
    hormone) out of ovulation(female egg)…
    So please do not teach anymore this kind of very short term little
    performance tips cause u’ll end up destroying others health for long
    And coffee makes u only madder and even less stronger and more disposed to
    accidents, and beef generates only creatine that inc the muscular amount
    but little testosterone level…

    1. Wow, this really struck a nerve with you. I appreciate all of the feedback.
      Remember, sometimes you have to look at the big picture. Milk and egg
      protein have the highest absorption rate among protein dense
      foods….meaning they most easily convert to what our body requires for
      muscle mass…this is well documented. You may disagree with some of this,
      that’s fine. We are not saying don’t eat vegetables, make your eggs greasy
      and drink 5 cups of coffee per day. Not at all. But these food items are
      good at helping the body gain muscle mass which in turn helps with hormone
      production. CC

  7. I agree with everything said, except they “Hype” of so called “Organic
    Beef” We have raised Beef for 4 generations. The so called Grass Fed beef
    is “CRAP”. The key is this. Feeder cattle are also much different than the
    real true program that ranchers use which only makes up a small percentage
    of the beef in the market today. Also when a rancher sell at a local feed
    lot he gets paid the same price for his high quality beef as do the “Feeder
    Cattle” people do. So having said this. If you actually know what you are
    looking at in the grocery store without the promise of this “Organic” Label
    that people have been brainwashed to believe is the only way to go. It’s
    B.S. You are buying.
    Advice, buy beef from people you know if you want quality. I just go out
    and lead mine in to the butcher and I’m done shopping.

    1. I understand your point…my father in law is a farmer (cattle).
      Ultimately, people just want to eat “healthier” and avoid overly processed
      and overly injected foods. Thanks for sharing. CC

    2. Very true. The actual issue with “Feeder Cattle” is the disease in those
      Feeder Stalls and the cattle standing in there own poop for to long causes
      all the problems.
      We feed Oats, Corn at the last stage which makes the meat marble and become
      Pure grass fed is very tough meat and lack taste, depending on the location
      of the cattle.

  8. and all that organic food you mentioned costs about 2X as much as
    So either get a female fix and try and save some money or lose some income
    to eat healthier.
    The one on organic beef, still beef, what about wild meats? We are so
    disconnected from nature.
    Some of those organic people are just as greedy as BigFood and BigPharma.
    All in the same bed together when the lights go out?

    1. Yeah, I hear you…some of the “organic” stuff out there is not at all
      better than normal items. We must all do some reading and investigation to
      know where the real health benefits are. Thanks…CC

  9. grass fed is bullshit. its just a marketing tool to brainwash idiots just
    like buying organic its a marketing skill. stop wasting yur money. dont
    drink raw milk unless you want to contract salmellona

    1. I understand what you’re saying. The grassfed term has gotten overused and
      confused for many people. All the cows on my father in law’s farm are grass
      fed even though they get some supplemented grain here and there and
      sometimes the grain (corn based) gets mixed with hay during the winter
      months for its high protein. More confusion out there than actual well read
      people who truly understand the differences. Thanks CC

  10. How about Oatmeal? I cant stand eggs anymore, and I have real high
    cholesterol and have to take pills for it..bad cholesterol ratio. How about
    almond milk? I heard almond milk has all the same good stuff that dairy
    does, but none of the bad chemicals, and cholesterol. Milk and beef are so
    full of bad chemicals, hormones, and stuff that the animals are stuffed
    with now.. so how about just more of a vegan diet, or totally vegan? Will
    that work to increase testosterone and strength? If someone is also doing
    some type of workout? How about distance workouts, instead of power
    workouts? I had back injuries from squats, so what is the best workouts to
    avoid more trouble with that?

    1. You just asked like 10 questions I think…a quality oatmeal is good of
      course, almond milk is fine (unsweetened). You can’t write off all beef and
      milk as bad, that’s just ignorant. I don’t like the vegan diet at all…I
      love leafy green vegetables and cruciferous vegetables but I need my
      poultry, beef and fish…and some dairy too. I feel that we need some meat
      in our diet for optimal results…there are some guys out there getting
      good results who are vegan/vegetarian and good for them, I just don’t ever
      intend to be that guy. As far as your injuries and workout request, I’d
      need more information to give you sound advice. CC

  11. how do you offset all the estrogen in milk and yogurt?? milk is loaded with
    estrogen, especially in the US.

  12. dairy product is NOT! good for a man over 20 years of ago. There’s more of
    a down side to dairy product than good. In terms of Estrogen to
    testosterone percentage, as well as fat to calorie. But if your going to go
    with what is guy tails you, that you may want to buy,( and no I don’t sale
    it ) a product called Bio-X4 to keep your hormones in check.

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